Over the years, Casillas & Christian, PLLC has successfully resolved thousands of cases.
We have helped numerous Texans achieve their goals, providing the effective and comprehensive representation they need.
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Integrity, Knowledge & Responsiveness

Integrity, knowledge, and responsiveness are the three characteristics of the Casillas and Christian law partnership. I confidently placed my personal and professional assets in the care of Fred Casillas and David Christian. I never once doubted their ability and desire to manage and protect my assets and my financial affairs.

- William T.

Put These Attorneys In Your Corner

As a healthcare provider, we have been associated with Fred Casillas for several years. Whether a situation requires legal intervention, or simply a need to seek a professional opinion, Mr. Casillas is always ready and reassuring! It is such a good feeling to know that we have someone of Mr. Casillas’ legal background and professional experience covering our every need! All it takes is a call and Mr. Casillas is ready to lend support! Every healthcare provider should have someone like Fred Casillas in their corner!

- Margaret C., Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator

Consistent Level of Excellent Legal Practice

For many years I have utilized the legal services of Casillas and Christian and I have always been impressed by the strength of the legal representation, accessibility, timeliness and value that they provide. It is because of this consistent level of excellent legal practice that I have referred friends and colleagues exclusively to Casillas and Christian.

- Mark C., MD (entrepreneur, private medical practitioner)

Steering Us In the Right Direction

As retired educators, we have sought assistance in financial planning from Fred Casillas. He is current in financial planning and investments and very knowledgeable and professional in all matters relating to our retirement needs. No question or comment ever goes unanswered! Making financial decisions at our age can be very intimidating and very stressful. We can always count on Mr. C to guide us in the right direction!

- Albert C.

Gave Us Peace of Mind

My husband and I have had several occasions to seek Mr. Casillas’ legal guidance over the years. In each instance, we have been very pleased and found him to be a good listener and responsive. Recently Mr. Casillas helped us prepare our will and our medical directives. Knowing that everything has been detailed and according to our wishes, has given us a great piece of mind. We highly recommend Mr. Casillas for any and all legal matters.

- Mary C.

Honest, Responsive & Fair

I have known and worked with Fred Casillas for about 10 years. I have used him in my business for such things as forming companies and reviewing contracts. I have also used Fred for personal matters, such as estate planning. I have always found him to be honest, responsive, fair and reasonable in his fees. Plus, Fred delivers a high-quality service.

- Jay E.

Reccommend to Anyone Seeking Legal Advice

I had a very good experience and would highly recommend the firm of Casillas & Christian. They provided helpful advice with prompt responses and reasonable rates. Overall, I felt this firm took good care of me and would recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice.

- Craig G., MD

Assisted with Workers' Compensation Claim

I had sustained a severe back injury and was unable to work for several months. My disability insurance requested my doctor records for workers compensation, however, the physician neglected to provide me with my medical records or fill out the necessary disability insurance forms. I had exhausted myself with phone calls, letters, and e-mails but all of my attempts at communication with the physician were futile. I contacted the law offices of CASILLAS & CHRISTIAN, PLLC, but was not expecting them to be able to do anything. Fred Casillas assured me he would be able to contact the physician and get my medical records within sufficient time so I could make a claim with my disability insurance. Fred Casillas went to work and within a week I had my medical records and filing a claim with my disability insurance.

- David S.

Taken Care Of After An Accident

Being hit by a non-licensed and non-insured driver was a terrifying experience. I lost my car and could not work for a few months. As a single mother, having no income coming in, and no mode of transportation was devastating. Mr. Casillas made sure that I was taken care of. He was readily available and made sure that I received the compensation I deserved. He also took care of ensuring that my hospital, ambulance, and therapy bill were taken care of. Thank you Mr. Casillas!

- Yazmin V.

Returned All My Calls Same Day

I was involved in a car accident with an Uber driver. Mr. Casillas was quick to investigate the accident and get me the compensation I needed to recover from my injuries. Mr. Casillas made the whole process very smooth and the best part was that he always returned my phone calls that same day!

- Juan F.
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